Blogs Setting Up A Payment Plan With The IRS Online

Posted: Apr 20, 2015

Are you unable to pay all of your current tax owed to the IRS with one payment? The IRS will allow you to make installment payments online.

To qualify to use the IRS’s payment plan you must owe $50,000 or less in combined tax, penalties and interest, and have filed all required returns. There is a $52 set up fee to have payments directly debited from your bank account or a $120 set up fee for agreements that are not directly debited from your bank account.

To set up installment payments online visit:


What you need to apply:

  • Name
  • Valid e-mail address
  • Address from most recently processed tax return
  • Date of birth
  • Filing status
  • Your Social Security Number (or spouse's if filed jointly)


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